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A convenient, simple and effective way to stay safe while driving in ice, snow and mud. The traction wires are strong, user-friendly devices which attach easily to the wheels of many vehicles.


🤸 Like slipping a bracelet on your wrist
The best thing about the traction wires, by far, is how easy they are to put on. Basically, it’s just like slipping a bracelet onto your wrist. I can get them on and off the wheels so quickly, and so much more easily than the old wire chains.

- Cynthia Chen, Flushing, NY

😍 Keep me safe
They keep my car safely on the road in snow and ice. They provide strong traction and stop the slipping and sliding which you can get in snow and ice.  I’ve used them many times and they’re still in good condition, even with the ice and mud - strong material.

- William K. Moore, Tacoma

👌 So easy to put on
At last, a simple way to attach traction tools to car wheels. I used to have to stand out in the snow and cold for ages fiddling with the chains, but not anymore. Also, because they’re so easy to put on, I’m not going to risk driving without chains.

- M.A. Miekle, Madison, WI


4 Reasons You Should Order This Product:

👌🚙 Easy-to-install

The traction wires are very simple to install and remove, and much easier to attach then traditional and complicated chains.

👍🚙 Safe

Driving with effective traction equipment in slippery conditions keeps you safe, and keeps everyone in your vehicle safe. Plus, because the traction wires are so easy to install, you can drive safely every time.

💪🚙 Strong

The traction wires are made from durable materials which are designed to keep working in tough conditions such as snow, ice and mud. They are also designed to last for a long time.

👐🚙 Versatile

The design of the traction wires allows them to be fitted to virtually any vehicle, regardless of size or model. Now, everyone can stay safe while driving in challenging conditions.



Item Weight: 0.4kg
Item Width: 1.8cm
Material Type: Nylon / Plastic
Item Length: 90cm
Quantity:10 pcs / lot, 5 pcs / lot
Resistant to low temperature.
Single Size: 90 x 1.8cm x 1cm
Color: Orange