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Toothbrush, Razor & Jewelry Bathroom Sticky Holder

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Adhesive bathroom organizer which attaches to many surfaces and allows you to store your everyday bathroom items with convenience and ease. The strong, simple, silicone organizer can be attached to glass, mirror, tile and marble, meaning you can place it wherever it is most convenient. The material is waterproof and durable and the compartments create a perfect resting place for your everyday bathroom items.


I’m very busy. I work hard and long hours and I need to get a lot done in a day. I don’t have time to search for little things like my shaving gear or toothbrush. The organizer lets me grab these things quickly and to place them where I need them. It’s a little item that lets me forget about the little things and focus on what I really need to spend my time on during the day.

-Albert G., Arlington

The organizer is really convenient for me, especially since I live in a sharehouse situation. We were always getting our toiletries mixed up in the shared bathroom and this was super frustrating for all of us. So, I bought the organizer, attached it, and now everyone knows which stuff is mine. Now, my shaver and other things stay where I need them to be, all the time.

-Tiffany I., Madison

A simple product that solved a problem. I just moved into a very small apartment with a tiny bathroom, and I had hardly any space to put all my bathroom items. The basin was so full that it was hard to keep it clean and hygienic. But, since I’ve had the organizer, I can keep some items on the basin and others on the wall.

-Vanessa M., Glendale


3 Reasons Why You Should Order This Product


The organizer can be attached to almost any surface in the bathroom, and will stay in place.


The silicone construction makes this organizer strong and long-lasting, even when exposed to water and humidity.


The compartments of the organizer have been designed specifically to hold the most common bathroom items which you use on a daily basis. Easy to find, easy to store.



Silicone material.
No suction cups, no adhesive, no permanent mounts.
Grips to shiny surfaces; glasses, mirror, tiles and Marble
Measurement: 21.3x14.7cm
Color: Blue, Pink