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SmartLock™ Fingerprint Bluetooth Padlock

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Are you tired of fumbling for keys at the door?

Spend too much money duplicating keys in the fear of losing them?

Tired of memorizing code after code just to get locks open?

Now you can say goodbye to all of those worries!

The new Smartlock Fingerprint Bluetooth Padlock is the solution to all your security needs! Excellently crafted with high quality zinc alloy and durable steel, this modern-day padlock only ever needs your fingerprint or your smartphone to unlock. No keys or codes required!

🎒 Perfect for Practice!

My friends and I got our backpacks stolen a couple of times even though we switched venues. So I got online and looked for something that we can use to prevent it from happening again. So glad I found this! Originally wanted to buy a simple lock and key but this is so much better! Takes our minds off our bags so we can concentrate on practice. 

- Richard T. Chapman, SC

🔒 So easy to use

Not so young anymore so I thought this would be too complicated for me. But I've had it with standard locks! Either I lose the keys or it gets picked. Either way I lose so... when it came in the mail, I got to the guide right away! And got it to work the first time! And now I am enjoying thinking there's no way they can pick it now as my fingerprint is unique! 

- Jacqueline J. Karns, PA

🔐 For travelers! Quick and keyless

I've lost count as to how many keys I've lost and how many locks I've messed up. Keys, digit codes, passwords... they all ask us to remember "something." But this SmartLock doesn't! All I need to do is to tap my finger and voila! Perfect for travelers like me.

- Mary T. Smathers, TX


Here's Why You'll Love Our SmartLock Fingerprint Bluetooth Padlock

🔑 No More Lost Keys: Our SmartLock requires no keys, passwords or digit codes. All it needs to unlock is your fingerprint, set up thru an exclusive app.

👪 Multi User Capable: Using the SmartLock for the home or office? No problem! You can set it up so that other people can unlock it using their fingerprints too. Register up to 16 fingerpints per SmartLock!

📱 Remote Unlock: In case of emergencies and other urgent matters, you can give access even when you're away via the app!

Waterproof: Say goodbye to wet, rusty and dysfunctional padlocks! Our SmartLock is dustproof and waterproof so you can safely use it outdoors .

🔌 Rechargeable: Completely wireless, the SmartLock powers up via USB charging. Battery status is strategically displayed so you won't have to miss charging it.

You can use it as a front door lock, to secure your luggage and bags, to keep your lockers and drawers lock picking-proof, to keep your camping gear and supplies from being stolen while outdoors... the possibilities are endless!


Indeed, our SmartLock Fingerprint Bluetooth Padlock is the smartest and most foolproof security you can get today!


  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Steel
  • Size: 7.8 cm x 5 cm x 2.3 cm
  • Weight: 160 grams 
  • Battery: 3.7V 300mAh Rechargeable Via USB
  • Package Inclusions: 1 x Fingerprint Lock, 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x English User Manual