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Collapsible Dish Tub w/ Plug and Strainer

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Create more space and less clutter in your kitchen with the foldable kitchen basket, which holds many items when required and folds down for storage when not in use.


🤝 Helps to de-clutter
This product is very useful in helping to de-clutter, as it gives you more room in the kitchen. You can fold it and leave it on the bench, or put it away on the cupboard. A kitchen that is clear and open is much more pleasant.

- Rosemary M Nichols, Brighton, CO

🤑 I’m getting my money’s worth
I can also use this in the bathroom. I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of this. It’s strong enough to handle any use in either room. Plus, if I ever don’t need it, I just fold it up. Also really strong.

- Marshall M Mott, New Haven, CT

🚰 Can wash with it as well
You can wash fruit and vegetables with it as well, because of the drainage features. The fruit and veg can just stay in the same container, you carry it over to the sink and wash them - done. It saves on washing up.

- Steven H McClung, Cambridge, MA


4 Reasons You Should Order This Product:

🗑🍎 Versatile

You can use the basket to store fruit and vegetables, wash fruit and vegetables, and even store items in the bathroom.

🙏🍉 Foldable

A basket that can be folded up when it is not required can help to create much needed bench space in any kitchen.

💪👍 Durable

The basket will last for a long time in your kitchen or bathroom because the materials are strong.

💦👌 Easy-to-clean

Not only is it easy to clean fruit and vegetables with the basket, the basket itself is easy to clean.



Package includes: 1 x Foldable Wash Vegetable Basket
Package Size: 34cm x 33cm x 10cm (13.39in x 12.99in x 3.94in)
Material: PP + TPR