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Baby Proof Magnetic Cabinet/Drawer Locks

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Keep your loved ones safe with the magnetic cabinet / drawer lock. Keep your possessions in the drawers, and keep your children out of the drawers.


👍 Simple and effective
When we saw this child lock we realized we didn’t need to use those complicated locks anymore, which is good, because some of the things we put on the drawers made it harder for us to open the drawers. This is more simple and effective.

- N Ojada, San Antonio, TX

👌 It’s working well
We just had our first child and he loves exploring everything and opening doors and drawers to see what’s inside. Someone bought us a magnetic child lock, and it’s working well. He can’t open the doors that he shouldn’t, we can relax.

- Phil McCracken, Boulder, CO

🚪 Snaps shut easily
I like the fact that it’s so simple. The magnet is a great idea because it snaps shut easily and can’t be opened by a child, but it’s easy for us to open. It didn’t take long to install either.

- Adam Hills, Scottsdale, AZ


3 Reasons Why You Should Order This Product:


Keep your children safe by stopping them from getting into places where they could be harmed.


Avoid having your possessions thrown all over the room by a curious child. Save time on cleaning up and reduce the chance of losing things.

🔨🔨Easy installation

The magnetic child lock is small and easy to install on to drawers and doors.



Usage: Drawer.
Material: Plastic.
Function: Drawer Lock.
Included: 4 ps lock and 1 key.