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Multi Car Jump Starter

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Never get caught without a power supply with the multi-car jump starter, which can not only start your car battery, but also charge other devices and provide a source of long-lasting light.


I bought this product because it is so useful. I can charge a car battery, if I ever need to, I can charge a phone and a computer and I can use it as a flashlight - and the light lasts for a long time. It’s damn impressive to have so many uses for such a small product. Plus, because it’s affordable, I bought two, one in the car, one in the house. I recommend this to anyone who wants to be sure they always have some kind of power supply.

-Charlie D Hicks, Hanceville, AL

The car battery starter works. I used it once, unfortunately I forgot to check the car battery. But, luckily I had the charger with me and could call a neighbor to help me with the jump start. Importantly, it even works in cold weather, and it was a cold day when we used it. It was quite straightforward to operate, it attached easily to the battery. It got my car started really quickly. I’m very glad I had the jump starter with me. Plus, I know that if I do get into trouble again, I won’t have to stand out in the cold waiting for my car to be started. Recommended.

-C N Nelson, Albany, NY

I bought one of these for myself, then I bought one for each of my children. Why?, because I don’t ever want them to be caught out. I want to know they’re safe and comfortable when they’re driving with their families on the open road. I know that if they get stuck without power, they can start their battery quickly. It gives them and I peace of mind. Plus, they can also charge different devices when they’re out on the road and, as you can imagine, with multiple kids in each family, there’s a big demand for powering electronic devices. This was a good purchase.

-Terry M, Tampa, FL


3 Reasons You Should Order This Product:

📱🚘 Versatile

This one device can start your car, provide a flashing light, function as a lamp, charge your phone or computer and even send an SOS signal.

🚗👍 Portable

Being so compact, the jump starter is easy to carry with you in the car or leave at home. You have no need to be caught without power when you can easily fit this device into your trunk or tool kit.

🚨💡 Safety

A device as versatile as this will keep you safe. Have a source of light and power on hand wherever you are, and if you do happen to break down, help can soon be on its way.



Bright lighting for 40 hours.
Flashing light for 30 hours.
SOS signal for 120 hours.
Smartphone charger.
Computer power supply for 3 hours.
Lifespan: 3 - 5 years.
Starts 12V battery.
Bright, multi-mode flashlight.