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Cable Zipper Set

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The cable zipper keeps all of your cables neat and tidy and helps you create a safe and organized workspace. The flexible and reusable cables can be cut to the required length and are great for gathering multiple cables into a single manageable unit. The plastic casing keeps dust off the cables and can be used in the home oroffice.


The cable zipper set made it so much simpler to organize all of my cables at home. With every new device or upgrade that I bought, I found I had more and more cables, and they were getting a little out of control. Now I can put them all together, I know where they are and I know they won’t get dirty or get in the way.

-Xander F., Boise

We recently purchased a large amount of the plastic casing for the office. For two main reasons. One was to correctly organize and protect all of our electrical cables, and the second was to make sure we complied with the latest health and safety regulations. Our health and safety officer advised us to remove any hazards in the office and using the zipper set was one way of doing that.

-Jim P., San Jose

Great for home. This way the kids won’t get tangled in the cables around the TV or computer - safer for them and better for me, because now nobody can mess with my entertainment set-up, I’ve got it just the way I like it!

-Carson B., Omaha


3 Reasons Why Should Order This Product:

🔧🔨 Get organized

Finally, an easy way to organize all of the wiring for all of your different electronic devices.

👌👌 Easy to use

The zip-up solution allows easy management of the cables and conceals the cables while still providing providing easy access to them.

💪💪 Flexible

The plastic material is both durable and flexible, so it can be bent to the shape required. It can also be cut to any length.



Available in 3 sizes
Shape: Cable Tube
Material: Plastic
Color: Black, White, Silver (Optional)
Size: 1.5m, 16mm, 1.5m, 22mm, 1.5m, 28mm, 3.0m, 16mm (Optional)