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Sand-Free Beach Mat

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Savor the summer ! At last you can enjoy the beach without being covered in sand. Lay the beach mat under your towel and your troubles will disappear as you watch the sand disappear through the mat.


😍I can't go to the beach without it anymore
Wow, finally a way to enjoy the beach without all that sticky sand. I’m so glad someone thought of this product. It makes the beach so much more fun. I can relax on my towel, get a tan, read a book. This was the only thing that used to stop me from going to the beach - having sand on me. It even used to stick to my sunblock. Once, it even got in the cracks of my phone - not good. Now, I put down the mat and I have no problems. If you love the beach, but don’t like having sand all over you, get one of these.
-Jennifer J Bolt, Salem, OR

😎My kids love it
I’m really glad I bought this product, and I would certainly recommend it. It stops sand from covering us and our things. Also, it stops sand from getting into our food. We love to take a picnic whenever we go to the beach, and now we can take our food knowing that it will be fresh and clean. It’s a relief to be able to eat tasty food on a relaxing, sunny, summer’s day at the beach. Another advantage is that they come in different sizes, so you can get one for yourself or a big one for the whole family.
-Sarah F Torres, Winter Park, FL

👌Get rid of the sand for good
This is great for family trips to the beach, holidays, any day really. It’s so easy to carry that we can just leave it in the car or the beach bag and take it with us. I love how it makes packing up more pleasant. I’m not covered in sand, more importantly, the kids are not covered in sand and we don’t have to put up with the tantrums when we try to wash them under the shower. We just pick up all of our stuff and put it in the bags, and off we go. Even the mat is easy to pack up, just shake it off and you’re done. For a cheap price you can save yourself a lot of hassle.
-A I Weintraub, Jackson, MS


3 Reasons You Should Order This Product:

🏖🛏 Sand-free
For many people, the only disadvantage of spending a blissful day at the beach is having to constantly brush off the sand. Not anymore. The beach mat ensures that the sand stays away from you and lets you relax in peace.

🗞👌 Portable
Use the beach mat all day, then simply fold it up for easy carriage and storage, until you need it for your next day at the beach.

🤩👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Large
You can keep yourself, your friends, your family...even your pets, free from sand with the beach mat, which is large enough to fit many people and belongings.



Available Sizes:120cm x 150cm, 200 x 150cm ,200 x 200cm
Weight: 600G
Material: Polyester
Color: Green / Blue / Pink