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6 Pcs. Soda Top Lid Snap-Ons

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Turn your favourite canned drink into a drink bottle. Keep your drinks clean and fresh with the attachable bottle tops and take them with you wherever you go, without spilling a drop.


💡 This is a great idea
Now I don’t have to finish my soft drink in one go. I can sip my drink and enjoy it because the cap keeps the dirt and stuff out. This is a great idea. It means I don’t have to waste half my drink.

- Yolanda Chavez, Denver, CO

🛑 Stops anything from getting into the can
Great for energy drinks at half time, I love that energy rush before I play. The bottle tops stop anything from getting in to the can and even if someone on the bench knocks it over, it won’t spill everywhere.

-V J Chase, Carbondale, IL

🥛 Come back to a fresh drink
I like that clients can leave their drinks in the shade while they do their climbing and abseiling, then come back to a fresh drink. Dirt, flies, won’t get into the cans. You don’t have to drink all of your drink at once.

-Brannon Smith, Portland, OR


3 Reasons Why You Should Order This Product:


Just wash the top and snap it onto another can.


Reduce the possibility of unwanted insects crawling into your drink.

🍾Enjoy your drink

Drink your drink as slowly or as quickly as you like, without having to worry about the contents spilling out or anything crawling in.



Material: PE

    Size: 6x5 cm

      Color: various

        6 x bottle caps