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Automatic Cable Winder

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Farewell wire trouble.Untangle and store your electrical cords and save yourself hours of stress with the clever tangle-free portable cord manager. Compact and available in different colors.


😍 This is a lifesaver.
Man, I can finally get all my cords sorted, thank goodness. This is a lifesaver. My cords just wrap super quickly into this little container. It’s super easy. I was so stressed out before with all my cords, but now, yeah, it’s just a breeze.

- K E Martinez, Waianae, HI

🤑 I bought some more
I bought one unit for my earphone cords, and it worked so well I bought some more. I got some for my computer cables and other stuff as well. It’s great - it makes it so much quicker to take out and put away cords. Recommended.

- Sam F, Collinsville, IL

👍 What a great device
What a great device for a busy household. We have devices and cords everywhere, mine, my husband’s, my kids’, so many devices. Cables were always getting tangled and mixed up. No more. Everyone has one of these or more. Less stress, less confusion.

- Valentine F Carey, Pittsburgh, PA


4 Reasons You Should Order This Product:

🙌🙅 Tangle-free

Finally a solution to the frustrating and time-consuming problem of tangled cords. Let the cord manager do all the work for you.

🙈🚗 Portable

You take your electronic devices with you, and now you can take your tangle solution with you as well. No more tangles, wherever you go.

💰👌 Affordable

You won’t just save time, you’ll also save money with this very affordable and clever cord manager.

💻📱 Versatile

Use the cord manager with your headphone cords, mobile phone cords, computer cords and many other electronic devices.



Material: ABS plastic, accessories: 430 steel
Size: 72 x 52 x 26MM, 2.8 x 2 x 1inch
Product weight: 38g
Suitable for all kinds of cords, such as earphone cables and cables with a diameter of less than 3.5mm (.13inch) and a length of 1.2m (47.2inch)