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Solar Powered Buzz Killer

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Protect against pesky bugs and insects with this handy solar powered insect zapper. The safe, hygienic zapper uses blue plasma light to attract pests and a live wire to eliminate them swiftly. The solar powered device uses internal battery storage (included) and is portable and compact. It can be attached to many surfaces with the four suction mounting pads. The On/Off switch makes it easy to use and the front cover can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Hassle free bug zapper. We use it in the garden for barbecue’s and dinners with friends and it’s so convenient. We just turn it on and leave it, the machine does the work. We don’t need to constantly light candles or mosquito coils, and I always thought the mosquito coils had a strong smell, but the zapper doesn’t.

-Jonas C., Oakland

This is a money saver, because it’s solar powered. If I plan ahead, I can leave the zapper out in the sun during the day and it charges. Then, when the sun starts to set and the insects come out, I put the zapper where I need it and turn it on. It’s small too, so it’s easy to move around in the garden.

-Taylor D., Lincoln

I took this on a family camping trip recently and found it really useful. I left it out during the day while we were swimming, fishing or having fun, then I put it up above the eating area in the afternoon / evening. I noticed it’s not affected so much by the weather - some of the mosquito coils or candles can be hard to light if there’s a breeze, but the zapper worked all the time.

-Kelli W., Henderson


3 Reasons Why You Should Order This Product:

🌞🌞Solar Powered

Let the sun’s rays do the work for you. Place the zapper in direct sunlight during the day and do away with batteries and electrical cords. Plus, you save money.


No more strong odors from mosquito coils or insect repellent.


The zapper charges easily. It is portable and lightweight, and it is easy to clean.



Bulbs Included
Body Material: ABS
Power Generation: Switch
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Power Source: AC
Shape: light
Measures L10 x H10 x D5cm.