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Pet Grooming Gloves For Cats, Dogs & Horses (Pair)

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Groom and massage your furry friend with these pet grooming gloves. Use both hands to easily remove loose hair and tangles and access hard to reach places like face, legs and tail. Cats, dogs and even horses will love the feel of the rubber and nylon, five-finger gloves, and you will love the fact that they make cleaning up so much easier.


Our new dog was reluctant to be groomed when we first got him. It always seemed to make him uncomfortable. We tried the grooming gloves on him and he relaxed straight away, he likes the feel of the little nodes - I think he just likes the massage and now he cuddles up to us all the time.

-Samantha W., Montgomery

The gloves take a lot of the time out of grooming our pets because we don’t have to sweep and vacuum all of the loose hair as much as we used to do. Most of the hair is collected by the gloves - it’s so much quicker. Keeping the gloves clean is easy too, they seem to almost clean themselves.

-Lucy B., Cleveland

Our horses all have different personalities and some of them can be a bit temperamental, so grooming them could be difficult, depending on what mood they were in. But most of them seem more relaxed with the grooming gloves because they’re getting a massage at the same time as grooming. Creating that bond and trust with a horse is really important.

-Dean K., Anaheim


4 Reasons Why You Should Order This Product:

🐴🐴Reduce Shedding

Regular brushing removes loose hair and mats from your pet's coat.


Turn grooming into play time. Feline and canine friends will love the massage they receive while you carry out important grooming. More cuddles, more tickles, more fun.


The five finger design and the combination of rubber and nylon allow you to massage your pet at the same time as removing unwanted hair.

⏳⏳Save time

Spend less time cleaning up loose hair after you groom your animals.



Item Type: Grooming Gloves
Material: rubber, nylon
(approx.) length: 22 cm/8.66 in; width: 12 cm/4.72 in.