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September 22, 2018

There are a lot of different wireless phone chargers that can be used in the car that have various design features and usability. The large variety of different designs can make it hard to choose the right device for your needs. This comprehensive buying guide will talk you through the various design features to help you choose the charging device for your car.

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How Easy is the Car Wireless Charger to Install?

Luckily, most commercially available cell phone wireless chargers for cars are easy to install and need no major modifications to the car interior. The most important things to consider about install is how viable the installation method is for you and your car in terms of space, and placement. There are three common types of installation to consider:

Car Wireless Chargers that Clamp onto Car’s Air Vent

One of the most common methods of installation is clamping on the air vent. There are a range of clamping styles available for clipping on the air vent like this Fast Car Wireless Charge with Clamp that has an adjustable clamp for greater stability or a push on and click into place device as featured on this Fast Auto-Locking Wireless Charger which offers easier installation but less versatility.

The important things to consider when buying a vent mounted wireless charger for a car is the size of cars vent and the space in front of the vent. If the space in front of your air is tight or you put a lot of luggage or cargo on the front seat it is best to go for a more out of the way and more compact installation method.

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Car Wireless Chargers that can be Window Mounted

Another common type of installation type is suction cup based devices that attach to a cars window screen. A lot of chargers like Fast Car Wireless Charge with Clamp are available with mounts for either the window or air vents depending on the user’s preference. Window mounting is the best choice for drivers who want to keep their iPhone charger out of the path of a passenger’s gigantic knees, a child’s meddling hands or the mass amounts of junk they throw on their front seat. Another advantage of window installed device is that the phone and road remain visible at all times, although the device may be less accessible than some of the alternatives.


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Wireless Chargers that can be Placed on the Car’s Dashboard

Another style of installation is a mat placed on the dashboard or gearbox like the Wireless Charging Mat. Devices like these are slightly less stable and are more likely to slip off the dash on while driving over bumpy roads or off road unlike the more secure types of installation above. Although less secure, these devices are great for people who want to transfer their charger from the car to their desk.

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The Type and Accessibility of the Mount

It is important to consider your driving habits and how accessible you need your phone to be while charging and driving. Most mounts offer an ease of accessibility and security, so you can charge your phone or access it without taking your eyes off the road. There are two main types of docking devices for your phone.

Car Wireless Charging Devices with a Cradle Holder

Cradle mounts wireless chargers like Fast Auto-Locking Wireless Charger or the Suction Cup & Vent Clamp Wireless Charger offer a more secure hold and grip over the alternative. These are the best devices if you are traveling over bumpy roads or going off road and need to keep your device charging and secure. The one on the picture below auto locks when you put your phone in it, making it easy to do it with one hand.

Fast Auto-locking Wireless Charger

Fast Wireless Charger

Car Wireless Charging Devices with a Magnetic Holder

It is easier to attach a phone to a magnetic holder like 360 Degree Magnetic Wireless Charger and requires less attention as it less fiddly to place your phone on the device and you can feel when the device takes the weight of your cell phone. The downside of these devices is they are less secure than cradle devices. They also work less effectively depending on the style of case you have on your device – thick and rugged cases make them less effective.  


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Do you need to use your cell phone as you charge it?

One thing to consider is the distance you’re traveling and the level of power usage the phone will undergo during the journey. If you’re just traveling home from work, the journey will be familiar, and you don’t use your phone much during this journey, you most probably don’t need a high-powered, fast charging device. A budget wireless charger such as Wireless Charging Mat. will serve your needs.

If you are making long journeys, and you need your phone to double up as a navigation device, as well as a communication you might need a wireless charger that is more heavy duty in charging capacity like the Auto-Locking Fast Wireless Charger or one mounted on a 360-degree rotatable mount to maximize easy visibility like 360 Degree Magnetic Wireless Charger.

It is important to note that although some wireless devices allow you to charge and use it at the same time, the charge could be at a lower rate than the usage, so you are just prolonging battery life on the road. It Is best to research how effectively it charges the device.

Consider the devices features and how you’ll use it

When buying a wireless charging device for your car it is important to consider all the above points to see if the device is suitable for your needs. Research the available products with these considerations in mind to find the best charger for your needs.  

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