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December 04, 2017

The end of the year has been pretty exciting for Apple enthusiasts, with the release of the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. Apple once more delivered a new set of amazing, top of the line iPhones. We were super excited to receive our own set of new iPhones and creating accessories for it.

Since the iPhone 7, Apple has been moving away from wired accessories. The latest iteration of iPhones is just the continuity of that, with the introduction of the first iPhone Wireless Charging Technology. But how can you take advantage of it? See below our Top 5 must have wireless accessories for your new iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus!

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Wireless Charging Pad

The simplest way of benefiting from wireless charging is with the use of a Wireless Charging Pad. Place one on your bedside table and forget it: now you don't need to plug your phone anymore when you do to bed at night, just place it on the pad and Voilà!

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Wireless Charging Stand

Charging stand are one step ahead of charging pads as in addition to providing wireless charging, they allow you to see incoming notifications much more easily. Place one of your desk at work and you will be able to see incoming phone calls, text messages and notifications in a quick glance without needing to scoot over your phone that would usually be resting flat on the table.

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Luxury Wireless Charging Stand

This is definitely a higher end of wireless charging, as you get the benefits of wireless charging, the convenience of a stand and the luxury of a genuine leather finish.

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Designer Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

Don't choose between having a charger and a lamp when you can have both in one. This LED powered lamp will brighten your desk practically and figuratively. It's aluminum finish will pair perfectly with your desk. Comes with a EU or US Wall Plug.

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Car Wireless Charging Stand

You've read that correctly! Now you can benefit from wireless charging in your car. As car drivers ourselves, we know the pain of setting up and setting down when you get in or out of your car. Usually, getting in is finding the cable, pluging the cable in your phone and then setting your phone on the stand. Getting out are the same steps, but reversed. Never again! With this amazing car wireless charging stand, just put your phone in the stand and forget it. it will automatically connect to bluetooth and start charging right away. The best part is, it comes in two versions: suction cup or vent clip.

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Wireless Charging Power Bank 

Take wireless charging wherever you go with the wireless charging power bank! Free yourself from any cable when on the go, you can just place your phone on this power bank and recharge your phone through the air.

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