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May 10, 2018

Quality nutrition is essential to a baby’s growing brain and body. Accordingly, it’s wise to introduce babies to a variety of fruits and vegetables as early as possible. Along with the provision of vitamins, minerals, and other electrolytes, exploration of a variety of foods helps to expand a child’s developing palette—helping them tolerate different sensory experiences as they explore various tastes and textures.

With all the demands placed on our time as new parents, with many items to manage to achieve work-life balance—or go down desperately trying—preparing healthy food can sometimes seem like one more daunting task. Of course, ideally, organic and locally-sourced ingredients would dominate each of our baby’s meals but organizing and prepping meals may feel overwhelming.

The rising trend of specialized membership food service providers may be what’s needed to help us juggle all the day throws our way as parents. Raised Real is a burgeoning food service provider that specializes in childhood nutrition and provides kiddos with organic, pre-packed meals that can be steamed in under 10 minutes and then pureed, mashed or served as finger food at will.

How it works

Raised Real seeks to deliver everything you need to feed your baby fresh, organic, high-quality foods—homemade and ready to eat. Membership includes the delivery of 20 baby-ready, pre-portioned meals every two weeks. Also, meals are flash-frozen to preserve the food’s nutrients at their peak to ensure they are as fresh the day you serve them as the day of their harvest.

No more pining over what to feed the baby, Raised Real’s meals eliminate all the guesswork and provide nutritionally-balanced meals with organically-sourced ingredients to nourish your little one.

What's on the menu

Raised Real is determined to provide organic, homemade baby food made with whole food ingredients that are easy to recognize and pronounce. The menu contains only whole foods, no preservatives or anything artificial. Also, menu items rotate with each bi-weekly delivery to keep things exciting and create opportunities for baby to try new things and develop a more sophisticated palate!

Formulated: The service takes care to compose meal plans with the nutritional support of your baby’s overall development in mind. The foods offered are rich in folic acid, calcium, and magnesium, all important for baby’s proper growth.

Plant-Based Meals: The doctor-created meal plans delivered with membership were designed based on sound nutritional science, so you never have to worry whether your baby is eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. The program’s developers have done all the work for you. All you have to do at mealtime is steam, prep and serve your baby’s perfectly portioned meal, so simple and convenient!

Spices, Textures & Flavor Learning: Recent research has shown that flavor preferences and a baby’s taste palette start to develop in utero, noting that the flavors in the foods mom eats are present in the amniotic fluid being ingested by her unborn child—affecting the baby’s taste palette in the womb! A similar transfer of flavor is said to occur via breast milk and is thought to help babies tolerate the taste of otherwise averse flavors like the bitterness of most vegetables.

Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy is already advised. But it’s a bonus if your healthy choices somehow affect or train baby’s taste buds to make the transition to a diet full of organic fruits and vegetables—even more bitter foods like broccoli and spinach—an easier task.

Protein and Healthy Fats: The company's meals rely on premium, plant-based fats, and proteins to fuel your baby’s physical and cognitive development. From Peruvian sacha inchi oil, a nutritional powerhouse derived from a seed found in South America, to avocado oil full of oleic acid—the company is mindful of the role eating healthy fats plays in optimal nutrient absorption.

The pre-made meals are also full of plant-based proteins like chia seeds, hemp seeds, and white quinoa, all being highly bioavailable foods and easy on baby’s digestion.

Handling Picky Eaters: Although the meal preparation service will make life a lot easier at mealtime, the reality of the assimilation curve experienced when getting a child to eat new foods, mainly the veggies, is still often a formidable one.

At least you can remove the tinge of mommy guilt if baby flings the green peas at the wall in disgust, hey, you didn’t grow them anyway—silver linings! But seriously, please keep in mind; it can take 10 to 15 or more exposures to a new food for baby to try it. Most kids take a while to eat new foods. The key is to continue to present new foods until the kids are receptive; extra parental patience on this point is vital.

Safety and Customization

FDA-approved, BPA-free, Non-toxic Packaging: It’s worth noting that all Raised Real food containers are FDA-certified as BPA-free, guarantee to ensure safe storage and heating of your child’s foods.

Your Membership Grows with Baby: The meal service’s membership plan provides pre-packaged meals to children ages six-months-old and up. The service pretty much has you covered from right around the time parents start introducing baby to semi-solid foods, on forward.

Please note, the company suggests varied styles of cooking preparation based on your child’s age. It’s recommended to steam and purée food for children ages six-to-nine-months old. Please note, it’s advised to blend food well to achieve a thinner consistency for children under nine months of age. Also, it’s fine to steam and mash food for kiddos ages nine-to-12-months old. Feel free to steam and serve the pre-portioned meals as is once baby turns one-year-old—the kids will enjoy eating the colorful fare as finger food; the company intentionally selects foods that are easy for tiny, toddler fingers to grasp and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

A focus on perfectly portioned, nutritionally dense meals ideal for tiny humans has secured Raised Real a position as a formidable player in the direct-to-consumer food brand space. Also, the company’s commitment to delivering food selections focused on optimal childhood nutrition have made them one of the fastest growing company’s in the direct-to-consumer foodservice niche, not to mention a favorite with busy parents.

If you need an affordable option that can help you leverage your resources to accomplish more and operate with heightened efficiency, consider looking into Raised Real and let them handle your baby’s dietary needs so you can maximize your efforts and cross off other items on your endless to-do list!

Want to learn more about Baby Food and parenting? Raised real created a very helpful blog that is full of need to knows. Check it out here.