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January 10, 2018

4 Tips to extend the battery life of your iPhone X, 8 or 8 plus

Having a flagship such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus can be one of the most complete and exciting smartphone experiences! These devices are hugely advanced and fun to use, but ultimately, your user experience is going to be limited by how much battery they have left. The iPhone X, for example, runs on a 2716 mAh battery which is decent for most users. However, to make the most out of your device, you need to learn how to optimize your battery usage to get as much on-screen hours as possible! Here are a few tips and tricks to do that.

1. Turn off location services when not required

This is one of the simplest and most efficient methods to ensure that at the end of the day, you still have some battery left to play Angry Birds before going to sleep. Your intelligent device constantly uses battery to send and receive location data when the Location Services are turned on, but presumably you're not always looking for a restaurant or a coffee shop. Therefore, by going into Settings - Privacy - Location Services and turning them off will make a huge difference and it might even prevent your smartphone to heat up too much.

2. Don’t use the dynamic wallpaper feature

We know, it looks cute and even gives your iPhone a distinct, eye-catching look. However, all those bubbles, clouds, light effects and beautiful sceneries that decorate your screen will take their toll on your battery. Your iPhone has to constantly work to make the wallpaper "dynamic" and at the end of the day, you'll eventually get the "battery power low" warning prematurely. Use a standard wallpaper – better still, use a plain wallpaper – and you're golden. If you’re not actually into having eye-candy wallpapers, use a black one which saves even more battery as no current goes through the pixels on the screen!

3. Don’t use Fitness Tracking unless necessary

One of the many advantages of an iPhone X or iPhone 8 / 8 plus is that it can constantly track your body movements and provide you with insightful data. Especially if you want to lose weight or do some number crunching with your health stats by yourself, this data can be very valuable, but if you're not particularly into fitness, you can turn this feature off. Simply go to Settings - Privacy - Motion & Fitness and disable the function, but remember that this is not actually an excuse to eat KFC every day!

4. Use the Low Power Mode efficiently

The Low Power Mode is basically an emergency feature which drastically reduces the functions of your iPhone to conserve battery life. For example, it cuts down on visual effects, shuts down Siri, turns off mail fetch and others. Yeah, it is a drastic solution, but can make a huge difference on your battery life! If you're sleeping, taking an exam or simply want to disconnect from your virtual world for a while, turn this feature on by going to Settings app - Battery - Turn On Low Power Mode and your phone's battery life will be increased.

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