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February 06, 2018

When you say bottle blender, you instantly think of smoothies and shakes. But did you know that there are more delicious treats you can actually make with your portable blender? You might not even know you could make some of these.

1. Shakes and Smoothies

Most people buy blenders to whip up their very own shakes and smoothies. Protein shakes, fruit smoothies and green smoothies are great ways to get your daily dose of nutrition fast and tasty. Simply pop in your favorite fruits and vegetables, add some ice, milk or water and voila!

2. Iced Coffee and Lattes

If you’re one of those struggling to break the habit of heading to the nearest coffee shop for a quick fix, a blender bottle could be your new best friend. Just pour your choice of cooled brewed coffee and add ice, milk and some yummy extras.

3. Muffins

Don’t mock it til you make it! There are actually great-tasting muffin recipes out there that even a child could make. Like this orange muffin recipe that only asks you to put all the ingredients in a blender, mix and bake away.

4. Scrambled Eggs

Food52 swears by a blender in making the creamiest scrambled eggs without having to add a ton of other ingredients. Why not try it with a blender bottle and see how it works? Using a blender to make scrambled eggs give you better texture and a breakfast that’s evenly-cooked!

5. Bread

If you’ve ever heard of The Best Zucchini Bread Ever, then this is no surprise to you. You are literally just 4 steps away from a loaf of delicious blender bread! The blender bottle will be perfect for mixing the wet ingredients in this recipe.

6. Sauces

Get perfect sauces every time with your blender bottle. Sauces go well with any stir-fry. Make your very own teriyaki sauce at home with soy sauce, mirin, ginger, sugar and a bit of garlic. No chopping needed.

7. Pancakes and Waffles

So you want fluffy pancakes for breakfast. But you’re already dreading washing everything after you make some. Don’t sweat it. A blender is all you need, and all you need to wash along with the frying pan and a turner.

8. Salad Dressings

Know exactly what’s in your salad dressing and vinaigrette by making it yourself! It’s truly super fast and easy. Once you’ve found the perfect blend, courtesy of the perfect recipe, you’ll never want to eat store-brought ever again.

9. Cocktail Drinks

Now you can be a barista with a blender bottle too! Not promising the best of the best here but cocktail drinks are definitely do-able with a blender bottle. If it can blend iced coffees, shakes and smoothies, it can surely blend booze!

10. Butter

Last but not the least – butter can be made with a blender. Butter is essentially the product of milk separation. The only thing you need to do is blend heavy cream until specks of yellow (that’s your butter) start to show. Pour out the liquid that is buttermilk into a clean container. Buttermilk is sometimes added to achieve moist cakes and can also be used when making fried chicken. Add cold water to the blender, blend and repeat til the water is clear. See how it’s done here.

You see, there are tons of uses for a bottle blender. If you don't own one yet, do check out our very own below.